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Our Story 

Hello and welcome to our passion. We are two friends who met in the corporate world of HR and Finance. Having the same birthday sealed our friendship and since then it’s been a journey full of laughter and most importantly support.


Looking back on when we worked together, we were incredibly stressed out and exhausted. We'd often go out for drinks after work to recount the day's events, this became a regular activity. But over time we realised long working hours were taking a toll on us. We realised there needed to be a better more balanced after-work activity. We both loved painting and found that painting brought a sense of calmness. 

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 13.51.27.png

Thembi and Angel

Painting and socialising allowed us to relax and switch off. Resulting in having a positive impact on our wellbeing.


Thirsty Painter was created with the mission to provide an alternative way of supporting your wellbeing.

Whilst we continue to strive professionally we also believe in self -care.

Come along Sip, Paint and Relax



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