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Our Events

Get creative with our online painting events.

We break down painting into simple steps that anyone can follow; so relax, pour yourself a drink and dedicate a little time to creativity.

Sip, Paint and Relax.

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"The hosts knew what they were doing and had fun with it! Very engaging. And for a first evening I’m glad it was something like a beach that wasn’t so basic or hard! Also the themed polls were epic!" - Gloria Cardy 

Yellow Daffodil Close Up

"Such a good night. Thoroughly loved it. So good to meet lots of good people and paint while having a giggle. The hosts were great. Strongly recommend it " Jen on design my night


"Really enjoyed the session and the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life from the safety of my own home during the pandemic. I have thoroughly enjoyed developing my artistic skills in a relaxed environment :) " - Helen Diaz

Marketing story (1)_edited.jpg

"What a fantastic experience! I'm housebound and isolated much of the time due to having ME/CFS. I can honestly say that after two hours with the lovely Thembi and Angel plus the other attendees just relaxing, laughing, chatting and painting I felt really good after a rotten day. The classes are really well set up with the music and direction and they made painting a tiger so easy, plus the classes don't cost much. The wee quiz was brilliant too. I've had a lot of amazing comments from people about my painting which just adds to my enjoyment. Can't wait for the next class - thanks so much ladies!🥰🥰🥰"- Emma on design my night


" You two are great hosts and you really made everyone feel so welcome and included. I loved the little fun polls you did too. I was amazed at how quickly the painting came together by just following some simple steps". - Rianna M


"THIS WAS SO FUN! Thembi and Angel create such a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel right at home, even with people you have never met before. Many of us were new to painting but it was amazing how well the pictures came out! Thanks ladies, I hope to see you on the next one! :)" - Natalie on design my night


What you will need for online

  • Computer / Laptop or Mobile Viewing Device: Whichever you prefer, we suggest a larger device.

  • Painting Surface: We recommend a 16×12 inches but you can really paint on any size or on any surface you’d prefer.

  • Acrylic Paint: primary colours (White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow)

  • Paint Brushes: a variety of sizes

  • Palette: Paper plates work just fine.

  • Water Cup: Plastic cup or one that you don’t mind getting covered in paint.

  • Paper Towels: or old rag for cleaning the brushes

  • Optional Supplies: Pencil, Apron, Easel & Table Cloth or Newspaper to cover your workspace.

  • Beverage - this is Thirsty Painter :-)

Art materials are not included but you can purchase our Thirsty Painter Beginner Art Kit

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