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We are all artist - unleash your creativity

We are all artists, you may chuckle but we are. In our sessions, we hear comments like self-doubt and comparisons on how their painting looks and we always reassure people to trust the process. By the end of the session and just like magic we hear the gasp of excitement and joy when their paintings are finished. Ta daaa...

It's important to acknowledge that the creative process comes from within and confidence is expressing ourselves and blocking our creative channels. We are often too quick to be the harshest critic of ourselves and sometimes people’s comments can be critical which can make you feel less confident in your amazing talents. WE absolutely love to hear and observe people coming into their own and embracing their artistic skills.

Thirsty Painter was set up to empower people to go ‘rogue’ and do what yo u want to do. Whilst the opinions of others are welcomed, what really matters is how we feel about our painting. We all have our own unique styles and techniques and there is no wrong or right way to paint.

Overall, painting is a great way to give ourselves that confidence boost. We don’t have all the answers as we to go through periods of doubt but here are some tips to remind us that we are amazing painters:

Tip #1 - Let go of the outcome

Stop comparing yourself to other people's paintings or having an expectation on what you think your painting will look like . The key thing here to always remember is that it is your painting to let go of the outcome and just relax.

Tip #2 - There is no wrong or right way

Perfectionism seems to be the benchmark and anything below that can be seen as failing. But here's a news flash there is no such thing as failure. The important thing is giving it a go and keep on trying .

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."- Edwin Land.

Tip #3 - Have fun and enjoy

Gosh it’s absolutely fun when you try new painting techniques and play around with different colours and try different colours. Having a go at something you have never done before can be a really enjoyable feeling. Step out of your comfort zone.

Tip #4 - Let go of being controlling

Like tip 1 but phrased differently and worth repeating. Sometimes the little word called 'control' can have a larger impact on our creativity than you may know. It is human to want to control things when there are feelings of being unsure or not feeling very confident in this space. The best way to overcome this is just do it and let go of trying to be in control and you'll see how high your confidence will grow. Painting provides the space to learn and try new things. It's a step-by-step opportunity for building confidence.

Tip #5 - You are an artist

Remember when you would come home from school proud of your artwork and excited to put it up on the wall. So remember you are a painter, we are all painters, grab your art material and get involved.

These are just some of our tips, comment and share your own tips on how you became a confident artist.

Join us and sip, paint and relax with us at one of our Thirsty Painter events click here for more information.

Thirsty Painter

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