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Happy International Artist Day - let's get creative

The 25th of October is a day we celebrate International Artist Day created by Canadian artist, Chris MacCliure started the day in 2004 to celebrate all the contributions artists have given to society. Read how you can get involved and celebrate the day.

How can you take part?

Art is part of our everyday lives, and in some way or form, art has certainly impacted our lives. International Artist Day, recommends celebrating the day by ‘taking an artist out for lunch, buying the painting or learning more about art’. As it is black history month in the UK we have combined this special day and month and compiled a list of activities you can do not only today but any day.

1. Explore - you can discover black art and artists in the Tate collection, explore the themes and marvel at the colourful artwork by artists such as Lubaina Himid. Himid has earned international recognition for her figurative paintings, which will captivate you with the burst of bold colours.

2. Learn - Jean-Michel Basquiat a well-known expressionist painter, Basquiat was a self-taught artist who began drawing at an early age. His art was tagged on subway trains and Manhattan buildings with cryptic aphorisms.