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Artist of the month: Edvard Munch - Sip and Paint London

For our next Sip and Paint London event on Tuesday 18th October, we will be honouring one of the most iconic painters in history ,Edvard Munch. In 1893 Edvard introduced to world expressive art , his most famous painting to date ‘The Scream’, showed his innermost thoughts and his soul.

So who is Edvard Munch read more below.

Things to know about Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch was born on 12th December, 1863, in a village called “Adalsbruk” in the southern part of Norway. Raised by his father called Christian and his mother called Laura. His mother was an artist and also had a mental health condition, two things he said to have inherited from her. Sadly she died at a young age.

His artistic journey

He enrolled in the Royal School of Art and Design of Kristiania (Oslo) in 1881 to pursue his artistic calling, after changing from engineering to art, much to the dismay of his father. He was inspired by the Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van-Gogh , Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Post-Impressionist artist ,where he studied their use of colour.

'The Scream'

‘The Scream’ is a masterpiece, which captures the mental anguish that Edvard felt on a day whilst walking with two friends, in which he experienced a panic attack.

"For as long as I can remember I have suffered from a deep feeling of anxiety which I have tried to express in my art” Edvard Munch

The vibrant and unrealistic colours makes 'The Scream' a masterpiece; it is a new way of creating art. It also sold for $119.92 million in Sotheby’s New York. The red sky in the painting was inspired by a volcano sunset that Edvard Munch saw after the Krakatau eruption in 1883, which Edvard Munch saw as a scream from nature. The wavy lines in the sky and water capture your glaze and back to the main figure