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2022 Wellbeing tips for the New Year

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Yay, Happy New Year. We all want to make changes to our lives and move forward, sometimes we can put so much pressure on ourselves to set resolutions and stick to them. One thing is for sure whether you have or haven’t set a New Year resolution, how this year will pan out for you will largely depend on your wellbeing and how you treat yourself.

So we wanted to share five self-care activities that we do to help us balance our busy day to day lives as we both strive to achieve our goals.

  1. We do something that we enjoy - what brings you joy. It can be simple things such as speaking to a friend, going to your favourite coffee shop, going for a walk or listening to music. Whatever brings you joy just do it and make sure you enjoy it as taking the time out to do what you love can really help ease your stress and lift your mood.

  2. We take a break - taking a break is so important, everyone needs a break in order to reset and relieve stress. We both love to travel and it was our way of taking a break from it all and changing our environment. Over the last year, we haven’t travelled abroad however we have both made the most of the UK and sought alternative ways to take a break. You can find more tips on ways you can take a break here.

  3. We exercise - last year we completed a NIKE running challenge, this encouraged us to keep it moving and step away from our desk. It was fun but most importantly the physical exercise we did every day, did make us feel better both physically and mentally. We’ll be doing the running challenge again. Find out more here about the running challenge, it’s fun and a great activity.

  4. We practice self-care - turn the taps and fill your bath with bubbles, light a candle and play some cool calming music. Soaking in a warm bath will certainly help you slow down and give you space to process your thoughts. It’s a great habit to add to your daily activities and one that we’d highly recommend.

  5. We get creative - unleashing your inner creativity, we love to paint. We’ve found that it can really help us take our minds off things. For example, painting is a meditative act that can take you out of yourself meaning that you can focus more on the present freeing your mind from worries. So what are you waiting for come and join us for one of our Thirsty Painter events.

These are just small changes that we reckon can have a positive impact on you. You can also find more ideas out on the MIND website.

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